Hot Melt - spares, cleaning, new machines

Your one stop source for compatible hot melt spares.

Compatible spares including guns, modules, solenoids and nozzles.

  • Compatible hot melt spares
  • Glue spares
  • Nordson compatible
  • Robatech compatible
  • Melton compatible
  • Meler compatible
  • Dynatec compatible
  • Slautterback compatible
  • Glue & hot melt nozzles, hoses, modules, heaters, thermostats, etc.
  • Hot melt reconditioning
  • Hot melt cleaning
  • Hot melt service

Hot melt spares

Reconditioning Service
We offer a comprehensive cleaning and reconditioning service - below is an encrusted Robatech ® gun before and after renovation - further details can be found here.
reconditioned robatech gun

New Glue Systems

Meler Agents

We are agents for Meler and can supply their extensive range of new machines.

Call us on +44 (0)1787 464033 for further details.

Bickers Agents

We are the Service Agents for Bickers UK, for further details please phone 07702 329104. Visit Bickers website.